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Karel Castillo

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Hello! My name is Karel Castillo and I am the photographer for Taking My Own Advice. Many of the photos flying around are definitely from Gabby and her iphone, but the actual good ones are from me! Haha! I love my wife! But in all seriousness, she wants to tell her story through her writing and I want to tell mine through pictures. I have always thought of photography as the encapsulation of memories. While she is writing what we have learned, I am right beside her documenting what we have seen and felt during our journey together. 

Gabrielle Ocasio

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Hello. My name is Gabby and I am the writer for Taking My Own Advice. I started this blog to make a difference. I came to a point in my life where I just wasn't investing in me anymore. I got caught up in work and in life when I had lessons I learned that I wanted to share. I am here to remind us all of our instinctual nature that we tend to forget about. Some people call it a conscience, some call it intuition or a sixth sense, but I want to remind all of us about how we don't take our own advice and we should.  I want this blog to be a place of humility, but also vulnerability for the times where we don't want to be humble anymore. When we are not true to ourselves, we are doing the world a disservice. I hope you enjoy what I am serving out here today! 


Hi! Meow! My name is Sawyer! I am the adopted love child of Gabby and Karel! They are my most loving parents who I force to do everything for me. I am constantly hungry, I never stop crying and I am the best cuddle puddler ever known to cat or man. I am the mascot of muse for this blog! Meow!

Taking My Own Advice was created by a family.

Gabrielle Ocasio
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I'm looking for answers as much as the next person, but here are some lessons I've learned and advice I wish I told myself long ago.

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