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Where I've Been

Want to know where I've been for the last three years? Here are all of the cities I have traveled to!

Beijing, China

I have lived in Beijing, China for the past three years! It is the first city I ever traveled alone to and it has a huge place in my heart. It is the city I became an adult in. It is the city where I had my first house and first full time job. It is also the city I fell in love in. I love Beijing!

Hong Kong

I have traveled to Hong Kong, three times! It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. If you can imagine a city in a rainforest, on a mountain top, amidst the sea, then you can imagine the luxurious Hong Kong!

Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island is actually a destination spot for honeymooners! I went there alone ironically! Jeju Island had beautiful botanical gardens, a roaring sea, and adorable shops! If you love island lifestyle, grilled black pork, figurines made out of lava rock, waterfalls, and orange flavored pastries, you will love Jeju!

Xiamen, China

Xiamen is a little Europe inside of China! The only problem is finding it! If you can get off your plane and find the right boat, you can make it to the small island of Xiamen! There you will find delicious southern Chinese cuisine, stone pavement, tea shops, and sweet cottages!

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the city center of South Korea! If taking off your shoes in a restaurant is something you'd fancy then you may find yourself in Seoul! In South Korea, they also have my favorite subway systems! While you're on a ride you can buy food, makeup, and clothes!

Busan, South Korea

Between all the cities I've been to in South Korea, Busan was my favorite! It had the perfect blend of beach and city! If you would like to get a manicure, do some shopping, grab some ramen, all on your way to the beach, then Busan is for you! The cliffs here in Busan were breathtaking and the gardens and shops were lovely!

Osaka, Japan

I went to Osaka when I was very homesick. So when I arrived to the airport, it was like I got blasted back into the 90s! Osaka was so nostalgic and I loved seeing the castle there! 

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