Saturday, February 3, 2018

What is Taking My Own Advice?

Have you ever heard someone say “they should take their own advice and….?”

In my experience, I’ve noticed that many people, myself included, give pretty good advice, but when they are in a similar situation, we tend to make the wrong decisions. Decisions that are contrary to what we would advise those we care about to do. 

One day last year I started asking myself what would happen if someone were to actually take their own advice? What if that someone was me? This blog is the result of these questions.

The following posts are a specific form of a self-therapy tool that I've come up with to help myself when I'm stuck in my head and need to figure something out, make a decision, and take action. It is a very simple three-part process.

1.     Let myself be stuck in my head, feel what I'm feeling and write everything down as if I were writing to a compassionate, wise, stranger. Now that I've written it all down, it's time to:
2.     Get out of my head, reread what I wrote in section one and respond as if I were a compassionate, but uninvolved counselor/therapist. Analyze the situation, tell the truth no matter how hard it is to say or hear, and give objective advice.
3.     Reread section two. Absorb and internalize it. And crucially, take action. When the action has been completed, return and write section three to report back on how it went.

Posts will not be regular. I will write them when I need to. I will also be writing under a pseudonym so that I can be more open with my writing without affecting those around me.

Eventually, if this goes well, I want to open this up to others in hopes that it can help them as well.

- Walter

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